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Non-Muslims have often raised this question that why Muslims are so conscious about Quran and so respectful towards it. It can be difficult for them to understand the importance of Quran, the never-altering word of Allah.

Quran is not just merely a book in Arabic that Muslims read and recite, it is the complete guide for Muslims in how to live their lives, what will happen to them after death, what will be Day of Judgment like. All these questions and many others related to everyday issues are discussed in detail in the Holy Book.

However, the whole purpose of learning Quran needs to be explained clearly to everyone who begins to read it. Without knowing the benefits and reasons behind learning the Holy Quran, the whole practice can appear to be useless. It will be similar to reading a book without any interest or long term effect of it.

The basic purpose of reciting Quran and learning it is to have an understanding of the message of Allah to mankind. It is basically an obligation for Muslims to recognize the message conveyed through the Quranic verses.

Reciting and Memorizing Quran has great rewards associated with it on Day of Judgment. When everyone will need good actions and deeds that they performed in this world, Quran will come as a savior for its reader. With such great importance laid on learning the Holy Book, it is duty of every Muslim to sincerely try and learn Quran.

There are many ways to learn Quran. The most common method is to attend Quran classes in nearby Quran Institute for Learn to Read Quran or mosques. However, this becomes a big issue when you are not living in a pre-dominantly Muslim society. Finding an institution that arranges Quran classes is a major hurdle for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries or areas.

The solution is quite simple though. With the advances made in technology, now it is possible for Muslims to acquire the services of Online Quran Teacher for learning to read Quran. These online institutes are easily accessible through internet.

You just need to register yourself with our Online Quran institute. We offer multiple Quran related classes ranging from recitation to translation and memorizing Quran. Our sessions are one-to-one so you can also schedule your classes depending upon your convenience. People of any age can register with us and we will be glad to be of service.