The Islamic Institute was established in 1991 under which various institutions are functioning, one of which is Jamia Lahore-al-Islamia, which is a famous educational institution in Pakistan. From where thousands of students are giving services nationally and internationally after graduation.

Hundreds of talented students of this institution were got admission to the Islamic University of Madinah Munawwarah and various Arabic institutions.

After graduation of this Institution Hundreds of intelligent students are giving highlighted services of preaching Deen and Quran in their country and abroad, and are busy in research, preaching, authoring and speaking.

More than 50 PHD scholars and hundreds of Lecturers are teaching in different Colleges and Universities, and the students of institution are serving in social media also.

The Lahore Islamic University has the honor, it has a student (Habib ur Rehman) who was topped in Madinah University.

There are different campuses of Jamia Lahore al Islamia in Lahore.

Jamia Lahore al Islamia (Rehmania)

There are memorization and dars e nizami classes in this jamia where a large number of students are quenching their thirst for knowledge.

Jamia Lahore ul Islamia (Markaz Bait ul Ateeq)

There are also memorization and Dars e Nizami classes. More than 700 students are in both campuses at this time. Kuliyat us Sharia and Kuliyat ul Quran both departments are ongoing successfully.

A sub-institute of Jamia Lahore al Islamia is Markaz Al-Noor, where so many departments are ongoing.

Muhaddis Websites:

The six biggest preaching websites in the Urdu Language are:

Muhaddis Online:

Under which people are taught Qur'an and Sunnah at home, in which graduated from national and international Universities Teachers are giving services. Just as Jamia Lahore al Islamia has the best educational standards in physical institutions, so too can the best education and training would be provide online.

It is the world's largest website for Islamic books in PDF format in Urdu. So far, more than 10,000 books in PDF format have been uploaded on this website. Mobile app also has been launched of this website.

Muhaddis, Hadith Encyclopedia:

This is a great step for giving services of hadith in Urdu language. All the details of Hadiths mubarkah are available in this website. So far, 6 popular books of Hadith (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Jami Tirmadhi, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan Ibn e Majah and Sunan Nisai) have been uploaded on this website. This website has many features related to these six books' translations, ratings, commentaries, and numbering. Mobile App of this website is in processing.

Muhaddis Forum:

Majlis al-Tahaqiqi al-Islami provided its readers such platform where all members could benefit from the views of others as well as comment on them, and also can give their opinion easily, Currently in this forum almost 2,98000 posts and writings are available on 36,655 topics, which are increasing every second. That time registered members of this forum are more than 6000 that are growing continuously.

Muhaddis Magazine:

This is the Unicode-based site of "Monthly Muhaddith", in order to preserve this valuable asset, and also to publish it all over the world. All published magazines from 1970 to date are available in PDF and Unicode formats for online reading and free download.

Muhaddis Fatwa:

Now there is no difficulty for common people in getting guidance on every facing problem, because all users have complete access to almost 30000 verdicts.

Shamila Urdu:

It is a more modern, convenient and unique online and digital library in the style of Shamila, which is made in the shape of Website and Computer Software. Commentary of Quran, Hadiths Mubarikah and different books on important topics have been uploaded in Unicode format, and there are plan of adding 500 books every year. (In Sha Allah)

Our Second department is Dars e Nizami:

Dars e Nizami:

Various educational programs are ongoing in Markaz Al Noor under the Educational Setup.

Department of Memorization:

The classes of memorization is ongoing in Markaz Al-Noor for nearby Students, for which expert teachers have been hired.

All facilities are provided (A.C in summer and heater in winter) in the classroom according to weather.

Short Dars e Nizami Course:

This is a 2 years short Dars e Nizami course aimed to getting expertise in basics of Deen. Classes are on Saturday and Sunday, in which students can participate physically and online also. So far, 70 students are enrolled in this course.

Online Dars e Nizami Course:

Online Dars e Nizami course has been started in Markaz Al-Noor. This Four Years Dars e Nizami course classes organized 4 day in a week 5pm to 9pm. Graduate teachers from international universities have been appointed for this course.

Our Third Department is Muhaddis Media:

Audio and video studios have been set-up at Markaz al-Noor, starting recording for the publication and promotion of pure teachings of the Quran and Hadith. The studios are professionally designed and have special arrangements for soundproofing. There is a YouTube Channel in the name of Muhaddis Media, in which various programs on different topics like Creed, Current Affairs and Social, are uploaded. For the training of Women and Children, recorded programs in English language have been uploaded. Special arrangements are made for the production of documentaries and short clips. On the other side audio studio also has been set-up, in which the recording of the Qur'an has been started and in future, a complete recording of the Quran will be done from well-known readers of Pakistan, and also will be recorded in various Qirats.