Online Quran Academy

The traditional way to learn Quran is in the physical presence of qualified and experienced teacher. The way he corrects and explains the tajweed (rules of pronouncing Arabic words) is of vital importance when it comes to reciting and learning Quran. However, in today’s world, it is becoming more and more difficult to gain expertise of professional teachers. Online Quran Institute helps in resolving such difficulties.

The purpose of Quran institute is simple; to teach Quran. It is important for Muslims to teach others what they know of Quran and to make them understand the teachings of Quran. It is duty of Muslims to pass on their own knowledge to others when they gain it. Quran can be difficult to interpret without proper training. The context of different verses can be tricky for someone who does not have basic understanding of Quran. Tafseer courses help to resolve this dilemma.

For any person who knows how to recite Quran, translation and tafseer courses can help in recognizing the true meaning of Quran. The very basic course offered by Online Quran academy is of tajweed. Tajweed is basically the rules of reciting Quran by saying the Arabic words correctly. It is easy for anyone to go through the rules but its application can only be done under the expertise of a professional tutor. Quran is to be read properly so its meaning is not distorted.

Best Online Quran Institute For Kids

Parents can select courses and content for their children through our website. They can also discuss and get updates on the progress of their child’s online Quran learning. Our website offers time flexibilities where parents can decide on the timings of classes after discussion with the teacher. Female tutors are also available for females. In addition to this, we also offer free trial so you can get a grasp of what we are offering through our online institute.

Online Quran teaching is not a new concept. It is gaining more popularity every day. Parents do not want their kids to leave the comfort and security of their home and Online Quran classes provide an alternate and easy solution. Also for adults, it provides the option of flexible timings. You can request your teacher to schedule your classes so you can focus entirely on learning Quran or the course you have opted for with relation to Quran. Online Quran classes are the best solution available for people who have problems such as logistics, time, and geographical reach.