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aQuran institute proudly offers the following major programs for Quran learning.

Learning Quran Online


This program offers Quran reading to people of all ages. However, it is a basic level course. The purpose of this course is to make kids and grown ups (who have not learned to recite Quran before) to be able to recite Quran. However, this is without translation. Once a person has read Quran, they can move onto further courses. Quran Reading or Nazira Quran program is available on free trail for three days for Online learning.

Noorani Qaida


Tajweed is to be able to recite Quran with proper pronounciation. Arabic language is a difficult language to master and in order to gain proper knowledge of arabic language with regards to pronounciation and its attribute is essential in learning Quran. We have qualified teachers available that can properly guide and also explain various aspects of arabic language while reciting Quran in our online Tajweed Quran program. Remember, this can only be done through proper guidance and through constant practise.

Learn to read Quran


Reciting Quran is just one aspect. Memorizing Quran requires total dedication and commitment on part of student. We are offering Online Hifz Quran programs to students who are willing to memorize Quran. Hifz Quran program will consist of highly qualified teachers who will help you in memorizing Quran step by step. It will require daily scheduling and the total time required to memorize Quran will depend upon a number of factorsl; such as, time and dedication.

Quran Teaching Online


Quran is word of Allah. With passage of time, it has become really important for all Muslims to understand Quran, not just through words but the meanings behind the words and the context in which a particular verse is mentioned in Quran. World has changed immensely but Quran has not. There is a greater need to truly understand the Quran. Online Tafseer Quran program helps in recognizing the message given in the verse, not just its translation. Our qualified teachers will help you to appreciate Quran more through our online Tafseer Quran classes.

Online Quran Teaching


Online Tarjama (translation) Quran program will help a person understand the word to word meaning of arabic words mentioned in Quran. People who are new to arabic language will find this program quite useful in their first attempt of reciting and learning Quran.

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