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Quran Teachers

Quran is the last book revealed on Muslims by Allah through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). God has revealed four books on mankind through various prophets; however, only book that has remained in unaltered form while the remaining books have been changed over time.

Muslims hold great respect for Quran and it is considered an important part for a Muslim’s faith to recite and learn it. There are great rewards associated to Learn Online Quran. In fact, a person who memorizes Quran will not only be rewarded himself but his family will also reap rewards for his effort.

This Holly book is a complete guide and code according to which a Muslim should lead his daily life. Various issues related to economy, politics, inheritance, wealth, legal matters, family matters are discussed in it and Muslims are expected to follow the teachings of Quran in their lives.

Noorani Qaida For Kids in UK,USA, Canada

The traditional way to learn Quran for kids. Students would go to Quran academies or Madrassas or private tutors would come to home to  teach children. This is still a prevalent method of learning and teaching  however, with the passage of time and advances in technology, it is now possible for Parents to hire experienced and professional tutors for their children that can be taught at home at any scheduled time.

People who have especially moved to western counties find it extremely difficult to find suitable Quran teachers for their kids and for themselves as well. This website solves such problems. You can learn online Noorani Qaida in US, UK and Canada by hiring the services of qualified teachers from this website and this will help your kids to learn Quran

Like any other language, it is important to understand the rules to recite Arabic language . Noorani Qaida is the beginners guide for this purpose.  If you are unaware of Arabic language or new to Islam, you can learn online Noorani Qaida in US, UK and Canada with the help of our professional teachers that explain the rules of Arabic language and Quran clearly.

We also have female tutors available for girls only and our services are available at any given time for your convenience. We also offer free trial for Online Quran.