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Whenever you mention Islam, you think of the Holy Quran. Holy Quran has great importance in the religion, Islam. It is the word of Allah that has survived in its original form even after centuries has gone by.

God took it upon himself to protect this book and it exists in the form that we are all accustomed to. Many Caliphs played significant role in preserving this book in its original state. Quran is one of the two primary sources of Sharia, the moral code according to which Muslims are expected to lead their lives. Therefore, reading and understanding of Quran is a necessity for every follower of Islam.

Every Muslim is urged to lead their lives according to Sharia. Sharia law governs the daily lives of Muslims and plays a significant role in their daily matters. Many of the Sharia laws are given in Quran.

Matters related to wealth, inheritance, marriage, divorce, crimes etc are all discussed in details in the Holy Book. So it becomes compulsory for a believer in Allah to read Quran and adopt its teachings from within. For Arabic speaking Muslims, understanding Quran is relatively easier as compared to non-Arabic speaking Muslims. Hence, it is highly advised that a person should hire services from experienced and professional Quran tutors. A good Quran tutor is difficult to locate; however, with help of our online Quran academy, it is not that difficult anymore.

Now, on click of a button, you can acquire services of highly skilled Quran instructors through our online Quran academy. Our academy will help you in Online Quran Learning and Islam. Our classes do not have any age restrictions so no matter what your age is, you can contact us. This service is especially useful for parents who are either working or living in a non-Muslim country. Logistics are always a problem for parents. However, with flexible timings offered through our website, you can schedule classes of your child according to your ease and that to from the comfort of your own house. You can feel safe for your child since he/she will be right there in your house.

You can avail our free trail classes to have a better idea about the quality of service and education that we deliver. To accommodate female students, we also have female instructors. So, do enroll in our online Quran classes and enjoy the benefits of learning Quran from home.